Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Destination: Hershey, PA

So this upcoming weekend our family is going to Hershey, Pennsylvania
It has kind of been a last minute plan and unfortunately Anthony isn't able to get the weekend off but he didn't want me to miss out on going (I am so lucky to be married to this man!).
What initiated the idea is that my cousin, Daniel, is the singer in this local country music band called Doublecut. Around here they are a big deal! They have been singing together for years and are all around my age (20s-30s) Last year for Halloween they had a fundraiser Halloween Costume Party to help raise money for them to go to Nashville and make a cd! The party was awesome and they did go to Nashville and earlier this year they started selling their album. You can also buy it on iTunes, the album is called Thank-You and like I said they are called Doublecut and are really really awesome! you should buy their cd!! Well this summer they competed in a music competition and they have since advanced through two different stages of the competition (local and state) and now they are heading to like a regional which is being hosted at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA. The next step after this is the finals so we are going to go with them along with a bunch of other fans to support and cheer them on! We are turning it into a nice little family get away and my Aunt & Uncle are taking their kids too. Since the competition is held at Hershey Park all we have to do is pay for admission to the park and we can go to the competition plus enjoy the amusement park. My brother, Jonathan, is going to along with my parents so it is going to be like a little family trip just like before we had our significant others and I am kind of really excited!

This song "Thank You" is their cover and has been playing on our local radio stations.
If you want to hear some more of their songs you can also hear them on youtube
Doublecut Youtube Channel

Anyways we are planning on staying Friday and Saturday night.
We have discounted tickets to the amusement park for Friday night since we are planning on going on Saturday too. Have any of you been to Hershey, PA before or maybe you are even from the area, if so do you have any recommendations? restaurants that we need to hit up or other touristy activities to check out? I am really excited to get out of Ohio for a little weekend vaca and see someplace new. Friday just cannot come soon enough!

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  1. That's really neat! Have a great trip! Michael was working in PA this week! :)


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