Monday, October 28, 2013

Australia kinda Monday

Today I am having one of those days...
You know the kind where just nothing goes right
I worked through my lunch because I was super busy
Got stuck in the slow lane at the bank
Maple Avenue traffic is just horrendous, come on Zanesville is there really one more road project you think you need to get started before finishing another.
Starting rearranging the living room...
Our couch is a huge sectional, and I was by myself, pulled my back
My temporary pallet gallery wall fell over on top of me breaking three huge picture frames
Plus all the time it took to figure out the arrangement, make sure everything was level...down the drain
Get it all situated plug in our tv, which is from the 80s but it was furnished with our house, had it on for a minute and it blew up! 
Thought it was the fuse but Hubby came come and confirmed it was in deed the tv
Good thing Christmas is two months away
Didn't get my vacation post done from our trip to Hershey, PA this weekend.
Just a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day....I just want to move to Australia.

But as Mom says there are even bad days in Australia. 

Tomorrow is a new day, I will post all about our fun weekend at the Sweetest place on Earth, go to the store to get replacement glass for my frames, and take the short cut home! 

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