Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ball Mason Jar Pallet Art

Yesterday I posted a little sneak peek of my latest DIY Wall Art project.
Some friends of ours gave us a truck bed load of pallets and inside my heart was about to burst with the love I immediately had for these boards!
I know, I know that sounds ridiculous but if you only knew how many projects I had planned for these!
The awesome thing about these pallets was that they actually weren't your typical pallets that you have to tear apart with the help of your hubby and possibly the help of power tools they were originally lids on shipping boxes from the guys work and therefore all the boards were already together instead of gaped out. PERFECT for some wall art projects.

For about a month I pinned pictures on Pinterest, looked all over Etsy and hashtagged #palletart on IG and nothing was really catching my eye as something I wanted to. I have a love for blue ball mason jars and they are scattered all over our house so I was hoping for something like that to hang up. So last weekend when I was supposed to go to a concert but the ticket ended up being given away I took one of the pallets out on our front porch and got started...

Originally I was going to put a quote on it or the lyrics to the song we danced to at our wedding, Keeper of the Stars but I couldn't get my handwriting to look good so I decided to just freestyle a mason jar and figured if it didn't work I could just paint over it.
I didn't have any paint that was a good light blue but I had some turquoise from painting our hallway so I put some white paint in the can and started mixing it until I had a good color for the jar.

I didn't really like the size that it turned out to be on the pallet...too small!
One option was to cut the boards down in size...but that would have taken away the sole purpose of this project which is all part of Operation Cover Up The Outdated Wallpaper that we can't tear down because we are renting the house and trying to save money to buy our own house in a couple years.

For a couple days I let it just hang there while I was trying to come up with an idea to make it look better
then I decided to paint a floral pattern around it and ended up with this....
 Just ignore the wallpaper! (ugh I hate it!!!! but things could be much worse so I am just going to be settled with it)

Now to build a little shelf to go under the pallet that I can sit some of my blue Mason jars!

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