Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

It finally feels like the Fall weather is here!!
This weekend we went to my husband's side of the family annual fall cookout
I have been going to this for 5 years now and it is always so much fun
Anthony's side of the family only sees each other like 4-5 times a year
if everyone even makes it compared to my family who sees each other that many times a month sometimes even twice that amount. So getting to see everyone is always a treat plus Anthony's cousin Brian came home after a year being gone serving our Country overseas.
At these get togethers we always end up taking our guns and we end up shooting clays and having lots of fun plus there is always ssssooooo much food!
I ended up making a big batch of macaroni and cheese that I got the recipe from my Aunt Lori.
I am slightly obsessed with this macncheese and it is the reason of my 10 lb gain since we got married because I was making it every week because it was so easy and even tasted even better the second, third and even fourth time around.
Sunday I decorated our kitchen for the season change 
and I need some more decorations because it is just not looking Fall enough to me
but next weekend we are going to go to a pumpkin patch so that should top off the decorating!
I also ended up making bread for the first time...I made banana bread and I didn't really like it but Anthony said he kinda did and it wasn't bad for my first time.
Oh and Friday we went to Lowe's and looked at some lights. 
I LOVE looking at outdoor lights and making wishlists of what I want on our future home.
We also bought a venus fly trap because since it has cooled down tremendously we have our windows opened to air out the house before it has to be shut up for Winter. 
Last week I also started going back to the trail to go running. 
Since I had gotten sick for 3 weeks I wanted to give myself some rest and really didn't feel like my body was really ready to get back to running but I knew that if I put it off any longer that I would just keep putting it off and eventually it would be winter and then I really wouldn't want to go so back to the trail it is for me. I typically run at the college because a full loop around their trail is a little over 2 miles and there isn't anywhere to cut it short right now because they are building a new rec center so I am forced to get in atleast 2 miles every time I go which is a lot for me right now but eventually I would like to get up to running 6-8 miles a day 4-5 days a week (those are just my long term goals

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