Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hershey, PA - pt. 2 - Antique Store finds

Yesterday I posted about our mini-vaca to Hershey, PA and mentioned that I did some damage at the antique store. Well my amazing parents were about ready to just leave me in Hershey (I probably could last a couple days there on the chocolate alone but I am pretty sure my Hubby and the boys would have missed me and I would have missed them too!) Saturday when we visited the store the first time I found this really nice old sled and knew immediately that I was going to buy it when we returned. We actually joked around Sunday morning that we were going to have to rearrange the trunk.

When we returned to the store I started wandering around the store to fully take it in. 
Of course I spotted some old blue Mason jars but decided not buy any. 
There were also lots of old crate boxes and even some that had metal dividers for milk bottles.
I was going to buy one of them but then I headed downstairs where the rest of the basement was also filled with antiques. It was Heaven on Earth for this girl! 

 Cool little egg scale
 and old tins and bottles
 The sled I had my eye on was still there so I asked the lady to put it behind the counter upstairs and she gave me a number so when I was ready to leave I could get it.
My Dad and I ended up finding each other in the store (not a good thing, we both can do major damage when it comes to this kind of stuff!) A couple years ago we had been looking at antique trunks and refurbishing them. My Dad has one that he has in the hay loft in his barn and he even jokes that he is surprised that I haven't snatched it yet. When I saw this we looked at the tag and even had to confirm with someone working there that we were really seeing what thought....$38.00
All I needed was his confirmation that we would find a way to make it fit for the ride home, and that I got!
I gave the guy my number and we wandered around the store some more and tried to convince my Mom that we were not joking about buying this trunk.

 She didn't believe me until we went to check out and she realized I really was buying the trunk...
and the sled.
The only problem was that we realized it was not going to fit in our trunk the way we thought.
After a trip to Wal-Mart to get some blankets and tarp straps we were ready to go..

Everything fit and we were on the road headed on our way home singing a lovely tune along the way to the tune of My Humps, mainly the part "All this junk inside our trunk.."
We made it home with no rear-view mirror visibility and the trunk still secure.

Monday I rearranged our living room and found a spot for it.
For now we are going to be storing all our blankets in it since I have so many and typically they are just laying all over the couch in our bedroom.
I love the rustic-ness it adds to our living room.

As for the sled I had been pinning lots of Christmas pins on Pinterest and found some really cute ideas to decorate our front porch for Christmas.


  1. That is so neat! Beautiful piece for a fantastic price! Can't wait to see what you wind up doing with the sled! :)

  2. Ahhh! I love antiquing! :)
    We bought a chest so similar to this. Such a fun find! :)

  3. Loveee that chest! And the picture of y'all driving it home is hilarious! Happy to be a new follower!


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