Wednesday, October 16, 2013

4 Months of Marriage

Geez Louise I cannot believe we have already been married for four months!
that is 121 days people.
Of course that is just a mere chapter of the 97 months (2971 days)

CONFESSION: I seriously have a countdown for everything on my phone. I can't help it, I enjoy counting down for things and looking forward to milestones, even if they are just the little things.

Anyways back to be married for 4 months...
I thought I would do a little run down of what I have learned about being married
Of course not everyone is the same, some people might have sailed through the first year of marriage with calm waters, easy breezy while others might have taken front seat of the Struggle Bus. SO this is just our interpretation of what the first 4 months of marriage has been like...

  • Groceries are expensive! when we got home from our honeymoon we came home to a house that we had not lived in before and we decided to not stock the fridge before hand because well we did not have time and we didn't want anything to go bad while we were gone. After returning our rental car and my Mom dropping the dogs off at their new house we decided to do our first grocery shopping trip. Take note: you need to make a list for any shopping that you are going to do! We did not even think about making a list which led to many trips back to the store in our first week in our house. We checked out at our 1st trip (using no coupons, buying the essentials & taking advantages of sales) swipping our trusty debit card for $471!!!! That Sunday we went to Walmart to get some stragglers, a shower head (we didn't realize our shower had no fixture) and a Brita Water Pitcher and filter because we now have city water and there are large amounts of chlorine in the water oh and some pillows (somehow the pillows I had on my bed at my parents didn't make the move so for the first night we shared one pillow. Which was not bad since we were sleeping as close to each other as possible anyways (;  ) We checked out on this trip with cash and giftcards that were wedding gifts at $289 and some change!!!During that week we made a couple other trips for little things here and there but holey moley every time I go grocery shopping I end up spending at least $100 no matter what I have to get.
  • Baby Time. Seriously every conversation that I have with my best friend she ends up pestering me about when we are going to have a baby. Any time I opt to not have an adult beverage when we are out someone thinks I might be expecting. Every pin I pin on my Pinterest board labeled "Small Fry" someone has to ask me "do you need to tell me something" NEWS FLASH Friends and Family we are not pregnant or are we planning to in the next year possibly even the next two years. If God blesses us with a baby before we plan on having one we will be beyond happy, excited and of course spreading the news. But hey I am not going to announce to you that we are expecting via Pinterest boards or even give you any guess before we tell our parents and other important people. So to all soon to be newlyweds once you get married do not be surprised when everyone starts making bets of when you are going to have a baby. 
  • Pinterest is sometimes the devil! Don't get me wrong it comes in very handy but it typically becomes very frustrating. Everyone's food looks perfect, their homes exceed our newlywed budget like times ten, and all the fashion posts have now run me out of closet space.
  • Waking Up Beside Your Best Friend is the most amazing feeling ever! Some mornings I get extremely irritated when Anthony wakes up before me and starts picking at me to wake up with him but honestly it always puts a smile on my face. We didn't live together before we got married so after dating for 7.5 years being together is one of the best things ever and I love it!

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  1. This is so sweet! Happy 4 months anniversary! Oh and that baby thing... I feel your pain! ;)

    P.S... I have a countdown to everything on my phone too! We're the same person in so many ways! Haha!


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