Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hershey, PA - pt.1

We had so much fun this weekend going to Hershey, PA for a little family get away.
All the people there were super friendly, they do not lie when they say it is the "Sweetest Place on Earth!"
We were in a Target and my Mom sneezed and some lady that worked there came from like 3 aisles away and said "I know its late but bless you!" 
Around here no one would even think to say that to someone.

Another time we were sightseeing around Hershey before the park opened and we were driving around the Hershey Resort (being nosey) and this guy that worked there was helping do a segway tour and he came over to us and asked if we were lost and my Dad told him that we were just taking a look at a everything before the park opened at 12 (normally it is 10:00) and he had us follow him to go see what time it actually opened up at the main part of the Resort. Which was so nice of him!

We ended up staying at a Sleep Inn and it was really nice.
Anthony and I stayed at a Fairfield Inn on our honeymoon and this Sleep Inn was very nice and close in comparison to the Fairfield. The only negative was that there was not a hot tub and I was really looking forward to a hot tub but the free breakfast was amazing! They had everything you could think of.. fruit, cereals, make your own pancakes, pastries, sausage and eggs. 

Saturday morning after we got all dressed for the day, we had to dress super warm because we were eventually going to end up at the park riding roller coasters and walking around all day, we made a pit stop at the Target and went to check out the town of Hershey.
As we drove into Hershey the asphalt on the road seriously changed to a brown color and all the lamp posts had big Hershey kisses on them. There was so much detail in the most simple places.
Plus there was chocolate everywhere!!! I was in heaven!
We ended up at an antique store, I love checking out antique stores in other towns because I have seen the majority of what is our local stores and their prices are sometimes a little too over priced.
The really cool thing about this place was that it used to be the original breeding barn for the Hershey cows.
We hadn't really thought about it but to have chocolate you need milk!!

After the antique store we headed to the amusement park for the day. I do not have very many pictures since we were busy having fun riding rides. I never thought I would have said this but I liked the park more than Cedar Point right here in Ohio. There was something about the way it was laid out and there were big roller coasters right beside the smaller kids rides so that families could take advantage of being in the same area and not have to split up. It was also much less commercialized and had more of a welcoming feel to it, remember what I said about the people outside the park, well the people inside were just as sweet and friendly as the others.

Miss Molly met the height requirement to ride a handful of the roller coasters and she went on her first one with my Dad and Uncle (her Dad). My Dad and Molly sat in the front seat on this wooden roller coaster that was pretty intense for her first ride and luckily my Dad brought his GoPro and recorded her reaction.
It is priceless!!

The competition started later in the evening so our family took a break from the park and went back to our hotel to change and get our Country on lol and then we headed back to watch the competition.
Each competitior was allowed to perform for 7 minutes, which allowed for two songs. Everyone was very talented and Doublecut really brought down the house pavilion. Unfortunately the judges thought differently but that doesn't matter because they are so talented and have much bigger things to go forward in the futures of their band. Their performance was amazing and I don't think I have ever seen them have so much fun playing their music. Here is a video from their turn on stage (from their youtube channel)

We had an hour or so to go ride some rides while we were waiting on the results so we took advantage of riding some rides in the dark.

The park closes at 10:00 but if you go you must take advantage of going to Chocolate World. It is basically connected to the park. It was within walking distance by less than half a mile and it is opened until 11:00.
The whole inside if full of every candy that is made by Hershey along with a little history lesson. For free you can go on this ride which kind of reminded me of the teacup ride at Disney (less annoying though) and you get to learn about how the different candies are made and about Milton Hershey himself. 

On Sunday we ate breakfast, packed up our stuff and hit the road but not with one more stop at the antique store again since we were rushed the first time we went to the store. I ended up making two big purchases and our trip home might have looked a little like this...
I will post more on that tomorrow
It was quite the adventure!
Since it cost $15+ to drive on the turnpike we decided to avoid it and take the scenic route home and drove through the mountains. It was very much worth the extra miles when we got to enjoy views like this for our Sunday drive!

It turned out to be a sweet mini-vaca to the "Sweetest Place on Earth!"

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  1. Looks like it was a great trip! That video is hilarious! Her facial expressions are definitely priceless! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to put Hershey on my bucket list :)


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