Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anthony proposed on Sunday night while we were sitting by the fire in the wood burner at his house in the basement! We were exhausted from hunting all day and we were just sitting there relaxing and I wasn't paying any attention and next thing I knew Anthony was beside me and was like "Brittany Kuhn will you marry me?" I started crying and then I was all happy and we went upstairs and told his Mom then we called my Dad and Mom. Dad already knew because Anthony is awesome and asked him (: Then we made a bunch of other phone calls and then headed to my house. Of all the people we called and talked to last night Aubrey was the most excited and Trevor came in at a close second. Anthony ended up staying all night at my house and we both went to work today. All day today I was nosing around on Pinterest and pinning away on my wedding board. Honestly I don't know where to begin with planning but for now that is okay because we are thinking a 2013 wedding unless something else comes up, like finding a house or something. 

After he proposed. Don't mind my nasty looking
self, we had been hunting all day!

picture I took today at work

closeup of my ring. 

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