Saturday, December 31, 2011

I cannot believe it has been 12 days since the last post I made and its the last day of 2011, so this one is going to be pretty long.
First off I already announced that Anthony and I got engaged! I am still wearing a HUGE smile on my face and have been since Sunday December 18. I love using the word fiance and pinterest was already my best friend but now it is my bff and lifesaver.
On the 22nd Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt moved into their rental house until their home can be repaired. It is estimated to take 6 months but we are praying that it takes less. But on a good note they were able to get into a house just in time for Christmas. The house is in Tri-Valley school district which is perfect because the kids are able to ride the bus to school which means less driving for Aunt Lori. Mom took over our other Christmas tree for them so they would have a tree in the house. On the 23rd Anthony and I went over to see them and checkout the house. We asked Molly to be our flower girl in our wedding and she was so excited and I asked Maddy to be a bridesmaid. Molly wanted me to stay all night and have a slumber party. Anthony left me there and went hunting. I decided to go with Aunt Lori and help her finish some of her Christmas shopping while the kids were at Caroline and Gary's. We got some shopping done but it was all overwhelming. We picked up the kids and headed back to the house. Molly and I watched Elf while Aunt Lori went to do some more shopping and Uncle Matt was on his way home. I was a party pooper and fell asleep at like 8:30. On Christmas Eve Aunt Lori took me home and I started getting ready for Christmas with the Kehn's (Anthonys Mom's side of the family) in Salt Fork. Anthony got off work at 3 and we headed to Salt Fork. Everyone was already there because the party started at 1:00. We got tons of Congrats and the most common comment we have heard is "Its about time!"
Anthony's Grandma! love her

 After his family we left to go to my great Aunt Kayes and stayed there until we went to midnight mass at St. Thomas. After church we went home and had to clean because everyone was coming over for breakfast in the morning. I didn't go to bed until 3:30 a.m. and for the first time ever we all slept in on Christmas morning. We woke up at 10:15!
Mom and Dad got eachother matching
coats for when they go riding and they
didn't plan it. They were actually both at
Iron Pony on the same day just different
times. How weird?!
Mom and Dad got me my first bow! Its a Bear Apprentice!
I got Anthony a Thompson Center Impact muzzle loader
I got Mom and Dad a new fire place grate thing. The old one
was really outdated!
After everyone left our house we got ready and headed to Zanesville for lunch at Grandma and Grandpa Prices (Dad's side of the family)

After lunch we went to Grandma and Dave's to finish off the day
Spiker Family Christmas Picture
Grandkids. (Left to right) JK, Vincent, Maddy, Me, Evan,
Molly and Avery
Maddy and I! She is one of my bridesmaids
Us girls! 
So here are some of my highlights from 2011:
January-bought tickets to see Brantley Gilbert
February- went to a rodeo with Anthony, Aubrey and Mark, Remington came back to the Kuhn farm, saw Justin Moore at Screamin Willies!, Saw Brantley in WV with Anthony, Brittany and Ryan, threw a baby shower for Aubrey
March- welcomed Tank to our family!, took the Zuki out for the first time in 2011, Aubrey and Mark's lives changed with the arrival of Mr Luke Briggs on the 31st
April- held Luke for the first time, celebrated Easter by coloring eggs on easter Eve and lunch and a hunt on Easter Sunday.
May- started getting the ZCC pool ready for the summer, started spending the weekends at the river and doing lots of fishing, Jk and Shalene had their first prom,
June- Pool officially opened, Lauren graduated High School
July- celebrated 4th of July, went to SC with the family, turned 21
August- went to Hartford Fair to see Josh Thompson, spent the week at Muskingum County Fair, saw Rodney Atkins with Aubrey, Rachel and Lauren, Anthony and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary
September- JK turned 18
October- Started my new job!, Tank's first halloween, Quarter Horse Congress with Rachel, Aubrey and Ty
November- Thanksgiving, went hunting a bunch!
December- Anthony proposed and I became the future Mrs. Anthony Fry,Christmas and Rachel's 22nd Bday

celebrating Rachel's 22nd

We are not real sure what we are going to do tonight but hopefully we get into something fun and safe. Have a Happy New Years everyone and be careful if you are out on the roads!

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