Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cards

I probably should have already started doing our Christmas cards but being the procrastinator that I am I haven't even started them. Since I have the day off I am going to start doing them. I am pretty sure we are just going to send to a couple people (close family and friends). So here is some of the inspiration I am going to go off of, most of it if not all is from Pinterest. 

I know this isn't a card but I have been eyeing this
for a couple weeks now. I think I am going to tackle
it today too
Yesterday I got off work and deposited my paychecks (why yes I said Paychecks!) I got my first ever Christmas bonus from work!!! I was so excited (: it was a whopping $250. I went to TjMaxx and finished my shopping off for Mom and Shalene. Then I wandered into Petsmart and TSC looking for a dog bed for Tank. The problem with Tank is that he is so huge and sprawls out and the big beds are super expensive.
That is a  queen size comforter he is sleeping on right now.
After shopping around in Zanesville I met Aubrey and Mark in Dresden and we went to Woodbury Outfitters and I got Anthony's christmas gift (: not telling on her yet because he might get the urge to check out my blog for once. But I might be more excited to give it to him than he is to even get it (:  I also purchased a little something something for myself. I am probably the worst person ever,  I have the worst problem not buying stuff for myself right before Christmas, its horrible but I just can't stop myself. On to other holiday topics I am trying to find something fun for Anthony and I to do this weekend. I am thinking maybe going to the Zoo Lights and maybe taking JK and Shalene and maybe Miss Molly Spiker. Just depends on how much the tickets are going to cost. Well now I need to get to cleaning some of the house and making some cards. I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend!

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