Monday, December 12, 2011

iphone & boring, wintry nights

So I must say that I love my new iphone! it really isn't that new now but it still seems new to me (: I got it in October. But anyways the camera is so much nicer than the one that was on my droid. So here are some pictures I took the other night when Anthony and I were relaxing on the couch.

No idea what he was doing?! lol one of the many reasons I love him

check out that smile! who can't resist that?! love him so much, especially
 for the smile that he puts on my face every day 

Yes I know that was a really random post but I found the pictures on my phone and just thought I would share. With winter being here this is where one would find us almost every night until April or May when we can finally bust out the fishing pools or just enjoy being outside. Until then we are typically found sitting on the couch, wearing tshirts, sweats and either on the laptops or watching hunting shows (I love the Crush with Lee and Tiffany) or some random DVR'ed show that played late the night before. I know, sounds pretty boring right?! we know it and are counting down the days until warmer weather but until then we continue to love spending this time together and making the memories because I am sure that one day down the road we will be working crazy hours to pay bills and have a house to clean, kids to take to and from school, dinner to cook, lunches to make, laundry out the wazoo, sporting events to attend and the days will just fly by and we will give anything to just have a boring night at least once a week.
How do you guys spend your winter nights?

Live Fit Update:
I haven't really started the challenge yet but am going to go ahead and keep posting what I eat just so I can get into the habit of it.
Breakfast: 2 blueberry waffles with syrup and butter. Glass of milk. Tim Horton's strawberry smoothie
Lunch: Mom's homemade Chili soup and a bottle of water

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