Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gun Season & the Great Outdoors

As some of you that might know me know that I love being outdoors and am a country girl through and through. This past weekend was the last day of Ohio's Deer Gun Season. If you were to visit Nashport or any  country town in Ohio last week it would be nothing for you to see trucks (even ones from outta state) parked along side the roads with no drivers or to look into the woods and see bright fluorescent safety orange in the trees or walking around. I wasn't lucky enough to kill anything but I did shoot a big buck and my friend Sammy killed it! woot woot go Sammy, it was her first Ohio buck, she lives in WV and dates Anthony's friend KW. My brother JK killed a buck earlier in the week when he was hunting with Shalene and on Saturday morning Shalene's mom Kathie shot a big buck on our road. All in all it was a successful season and in couple weeks there are 2 days of extended gun season so I am really hoping I get my buck then.

Kathie and her big boy

beautiful sunrise on Sunday

Sammy and I with her buck!

picture Anthony took while we were sitting
in the stand on the last day.

Hunting on Friday at KW's property.

my great white hunter!

love it!

JK with his buck

JK again (:
Since this post is all about the great outdoors I thought I would share a little story of what happened to me this morning. I had to take JK to Shalene's so he could catch the bus this morning. Like I normally do I got out of bed, went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, put my contacts in, and went to the bathroom. After that I went out put a pop tart in the toaster then went back and woke JK up so we could leave (he only takes 5-10 minutes to get ready for school) Then we went to Shalene's and I let Diesel tag along for a mini car ride. When I got home I let the dogs in and was walking around in the kitchen before getting my shower. I could hear Fancy Nancy meowing really loud, figuring she was locked in a bedroom I went back the hall but all the doors were open and the bathroom light was on and she was sitting in the sink. I opened the door a little bit and there was a bird in the bathroom!!!! I could not believe it. After 20 minutes and Mom coming home I finally got it pinned on the floor with a towel and took it outside and let it fly away. What a crazy start to my Wednesday morning. Now I love the outdoors and furry woodland creatures just as long as they stay out there and not in my house!!!

Today after work I am going to see Aubrey and Luke! I am so excited because I haven't seen Mr. Luke in a month or so and our other friend Taylor is coming over with her little boy Thomas so I get to see my wittle babes and spend some girl time (: Its going to be a fun night!!!

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