Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yesterday Anthony and I headed up towards Amish Country to celebrate Christmas with his Dad's side of the family. We got to Grandma and Grandpa Fry's at 11:30 and didn't leave until 7:00. It was so nice to spend time with Anthony's family that we don't get to see very often. While we were there I got a phone call from Mom telling my that Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt's house caught on fire but everyone was safe and they were able to get the fire put out before it destroyed everything. We headed home when we found out everything that was going on and went into Zanesville to see if they needed anything. I am so thankful that Aunt Lori and the kids were home because they were able to realize that something was going on in the basement and were able to get out and call 911. Even though Christmas is going to be rough for them this year we are just grateful that we still have all of them to spend Christmas and every day with. So just remember when everyone is busy with the hussle and bussle of Christmas shopping that you need to stop and thank God for the family and friends that you have. 

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