Thursday, December 8, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday that I was going to go see the babies of my two best friends. Well I did and luckily Taylor and Tylor made it over to Aubrey's too and we all enjoyed the evening together. Aubrey made some awesome chili and grilled cheese sandwiches. Before ever eating her chili I had never had chili with noodles in it and omg it is so good. Definitely comes in 2nd on my top 5 list of people's food (My Mom's chili being first) Anyways as I figured Luke and Thomas both had grown so much and ofcourse were absolutely adorable! So here are some of the pictures that I took right before they decided they had enough and were going to be fussy.

Luke (left) and Thomas (right)

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Luke was so tired and didn't want to share
his Aunt Brittany.
Yesterday I scheduled an appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed because one of them is breaking through my gums and it hurts like crazy! I originally scheduled the appointment for the 23rd because the other opening they had was the 16th and I couldn't do that because the 17th & 18th is the extended gun season weekend and I cannot miss that!! But after thinking about it last night I decided to change it to the 30th because I don't want to miss out on Christmas festivities and be all swollen in the pictures. So its official I will be having all 4 wisdom teeth taken out on the 30th so it should be entertaining when I come out of surgery and say some prayers for me that everything goes smoothly and I can return to work the following Tuesday.
Other news is I am going to start a new lifestyle and eat healthier and workout on a daily basis. The program I am going to follow is the Jamie Eason LiveFit Challenge.

It is a 3 phase process and split into 12 weeks. I am for sure going to follow the gym workout part but don't know how strict I am going to follow the diet part due to the fact that I don't have a lot of extra money to do any major grocery shopping that would probably pertain to the diet plan. My goal is to cut out all pop (maybe 1 can a week) drink tons of water, and pack my lunches and make meals ahead of time so I am not eating unhealthy fast food. The meals I will be making will be healthy choices and I will also be making healthier snacking choices like more vegetables and fruits. I got all my workout logs printed out and I am planning on putting them in a binder and taking them to the gym so I can follow the workout plans. As I continue through the program I will be making updates on here almost daily on how workouts are going and what I am eating in case anyone else wants to follow along and for me to look back on when the 12 weeks are over.

breakfast: 2 cinnamon pop tarts, glass of 2% milk
lunch: PB&J sandwich on wheat
snack: 2 clementine oranges
supper: not sure what Mom is cooking tonight

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