Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You might be a redneck...if you hunt out of an old horse trailer in your field.

That's right a couple weeks ago Dad came up with a brilliant idea, the old horse trailer has been sitting in the bottom of our field for a couple years now and there is a track worn in the ground going right by it from where the deer walk right by it. So I decided to bundle up and take the bow down and hunt out of it. It was perfect because it keeps the wind from blowing at me. Now what would be perfect is if the big buck residing in the woods would wander right by me (: 

Here are some pictures of Anthony and I's first trip together out in the blind for archery season. I love sitting in the blind because then I don't have to worry about sitting still because the deer can't really see me. So I am able to read a book, get on my phone and even take pictures (:

This weekend is the extended gun season weekend and I am so excited to get back out in the woods even though it is going to be super cold compared to a couple weeks ago when I was sweating and didn't even wear my coat. I am pretty bummed that he has to work Saturday and he won't be able to take me out but someone has to work to support all of our expensive hobbies (: 

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