Monday, January 2, 2012

Well it is officially the 2nd day of 2012! For NYE Anthony, Dad and I went over to Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt's to celebrate for the night. We had a night full of good food, Apples to Apples, Guess Who and watching the ball drop on TV. It was a great way to say good bye to 2011 and hello to 2012!

Anthony and I right after our NYE kiss. Our first
NYE as fiances 
Maddy and I
Dad and Molly playing Guess Who
Katie, Spiker's dog. This old girl is 10 years old
Anthony and I spent our first day of the year together. We went to his friend Josiah's house for lunch and we watched Hangover Part 2, then we went to my Grandma Spiker and Dave's house for mashed potatoes, beef, and sauer craut (sp? and I don't eat it, cannot really get past the name) and we played some more Apples to Apples.
Today I had a whole list of stuff to do:

 And what do ya know, I get to Zanesville and realize I forgot my memory card in the laptop so no pictures to be developed, then we get to Century and of course the banks were closed today (another one bites the dust)  so then we headed down to Workmen's to exchange the sweatshirt I got Dad that had a hole in and of course like clock work we pulled in the parking lot and they were closed too! SO it was off to give the dogs a bath. We decided to go to this place on the Maysville Pike that's a carwash and Doggy Wash. It was really awesome! For $5 you got 8 minutes and there was a big table with a ramp that the dogs could walk up to get on it and there was a hose and included in the $5 was soap and they even had a dryer. It was SOOO much nicer than doing it at home and having to clean the tub out and deal with the bathroom being soaked by the time we are done. Mom and I were big fans but Diesel and Tank were not! here are some pictures:

After giving the dogs a bath we headed home, I was able to accomplish everything else on my list and I will just have to get the pictures developed tomorrow and exchange the sweatshirt sometime this week. Tomorrow I go back to work and after work I am super excited because I am going to get a massage! special thanks to Aunt Lori. After that I have intentions of going to workout but we will see how that goes after the massage. 

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