Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My urge to remodel rooms in the house has biting me more here lately. Mainly because I really should be studying for finals but I have recently developed this habit that when I should be studying I start cleaning. I really don't think anyone in this house is complaining other than my inner-self and maybe my GPA (oops) I really need to work on busting this habit, not real sure how to do so yet.

But Anyways I decided as soon as these finals are over I am going to start the projects of the summer. Most people probably plan extravagant fun activities to do in the summer (ie. going to the pool every day, slip-n-sliding, hiking trips etc.) and think I am crazy for doing such things but I think I am really going to enjoy these projects and the house will appreciate it along with Mom and Dad (*fingers crossed). Here are some pictures of the things I am going to start off tackling:
The hideous black shelf in our kitchen! Don't get me wrong I love the shelfs and they are actually mine and I will be taking atleast one of them when I move out but the color has just got to go! I thinking about painting them white/creamy or going bold and painting them red!! 
 This is not a repeat of the previous I actually have 2 of these shelves. My Grandpa scored them at the auction they go to every week and when I was house/dog sitting for them I asked them how much they would sell them to me for and he just gave them to me! WOOT WOOT! thanks again Grandpa :) 
This little area in our house is right off of the back deck and it doesn't really serve as a good purpose. When I got the shelves I put this one in there and it has obviously became the place to store all of our cooking things that we don't use other than on holidays or when Mom decides to make a yummy batch of her famous chili (saving that for another post) The area also serves as our wanna be recycling area and the cat's bathroom (aka liter box) Ideas:: Paint shelf if it ends up staying and have it match the other. If shelf goes down stairs it will most likely become our mudroom. I am thinking one of those bench stations with hooks above for winter coats and cubbys for gloves and tabogens (We do live in Ohio and it is cold outside 70% of the year)
And now for the room everyone in this house hates! The laundry room...this is the room we always stuff last minute things in and all the dirty laundry we have and shut the door right before company comes over for the holidays or the unexpected visits we sometimes get. A year ago we had a leaky roof and the ceiling came in and Dad never finished the ceiling hence the roof needed fixed at the time and it just was a bigger priority. Well I have big plans for this room! Filing cabinet is going to go along with the industrial sized paper shredded my Dad got from work (Dad is the one that doesn't let anything get thrown away, I received this wonderful habit from him so I cannot complain) But the hideous thing has got to go. At least out to the garage!
 Sunday night I got that curtain rod from the clearance rack at wal-mart for $5 and decided to rig it up for a clothes drying rack until I could get something prettier. When I do it is going up on the window :) The shelf is pretty much a collect-all for anything and everything in the laundry room but it has a lot of potential so it is staying.
 My Dad made this massive shelf years ago to accommodated all of the clothes our family has! It is wonderful and will be staying but I am most likely going to paint it to match the room. Since I started down-sizing my wardrobe my shelf became the shelf for beach towels, the top holds more seasonal items and the others are Dad's t-shirts and Mom's clothes. I imagine one day when my brother and I move out clothes will no longer be kept here because they will have more rooms in the house but until then it serves a perfect purpose!!!
 I love the folding table. I actually just sat it up on Sunday but it prevents clothes from getting folded in the living room or kitchen and then sitting there for days until the right person claims them or Mom puts them away for that person (mmhmm Dad and JK?!!)
 More drying station.
 Who wouldn't want to fold clothes with this lovely view!
 SO the overall idea for the this room::
the wall with the window is going to be apple red, two end walls will be light yellow and the wall with the washer and dryer are going have large stripes (24 inches) colors..light yellow, apple red and a light blue and separated by thin white stripes. The shelf above washer and dryer is up for debate for being painted to white or a cobalt blue. Any suggestions? I am pretty excited to see how this room looks when I am done!!!

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