Friday, June 3, 2011

a little puppy love..

I took advantage of the nice cool evening on Wednesday and decided to sit out back and study. As you can tell I was quickly distracted and had to go get my camera and this is what I snapped (:

 This would be Turbo. He is my brother's dog that was found 3 or 4 years ago on an old back road. Mom actually almost hit the poor little guy and Jonathan was jumping out of the car before she got to a complete stop. He was skinny, scared and obviously had been dumped. So he quickly became a member of the Kuhn household. We love him to death! He is an awesome companion for Jonathan, a napping partner for Mom, and quickly becoming a great teacher for the newest member Tank (whom he has also been serving as a chew toy for-poor guy)
 And there is Tank making his debut!

 Curious about something..
my handsome boy. if only you knew how much this pup manages to get into. 

Gotta love that face!!!

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