Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So everyone has that "list" right? you know the list of things you want to try before you die, things to get done in the house before the next family get together,the next crafty project or the next trip to take or restaurant to visit. Well I have an ongoing one that eventually I am going to get typed up and posted on here and start actually accomplishing. But the latest one that I am planning on starting very soon (well as soon as I get the courage to buy all the stuff and get out the trusty sewing machine) is to make a quilt! Here is a little bit of my inspiration that I have been gathering from Pinterest::

Hopefully soon enough I will be posting pictures of my work in progress. I don't really want to get off here but there is a really bad storm coming in so I should post this before the power goes out! Have a good tuesday ya'all.

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