Wednesday, June 8, 2011

That List (continued)

So on Monday I was talking about my "bucket list". Well I decided to get it all typed up and publish it on here. I got this idea from Melissa Jill, she is an awesome photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I found her a couple years ago when I was venturing around the blog world looking at photography. I enjoy taking pictures for people (senior pictures, engagement and little kids) just for the fun of it and to help people out that don't want to pay a bunch of money for pictures plus most of the kiddos already know me so its more comfortable for them and I am able to capture their real self. Anyways I found Melissa when looking for inspiration. I have learned from past experiences that photographers from around here are not very willing to share their information with someone that might be a potential threat (ie. they think they have a copy right on all these public places and get mad if you take someones picture there) anyways I found that photographers from other states are willing to share information with others and are open to questions. Anyways I am kind of steering  away from what this post was for. So here is my list (don't judge)::
    1. pay off my debt
    2. buy a house with Anthony
    3. be on the Dean's list at school
    4. quit being materialistic
    5. get all my pictures organized
    6. finish scrapbooking all our family beach vacations
    7. start selling my crafty creations online
    8. organize all my clothes, shoes and accessories
    9. do a photo-a-day challenge and accomplish it!
    10. go sky diving
    11. visit a 3rd world country
    12. become a 4H advisor
    13. buy new wheels for my jeep
    14. loose 20 lbs
    15. exercise every day for a month
    16. paint my black shelves white or red or cream...
    17. become more organized (on-going challenge)
    18. get into a program at school
    19. recycle
    20. grow my hair out
    21. quit tanning in a tanning bed
    22. make a huge photobook for my parents with all the pictures from our childhood
    23. start paying my own bills (cell, car insurance etc.)
    24. learn to sew better with the help of Grandma Kuhn
    25. use coupons for shopping
    26. use Saturday mornings as cleaning day of the week
    27. attend church every Sunday
    28. start a garden and utilize it
    29. use re-usable shopping bags (#19, #25, #28 and this one are my attemp at "going green")
    30. go to New Port Aquarium
    31. travel to Maine or Rhode Island
    32. Visit Anthony's sister, Danielle , in Arizona
    33. Go on a road trip with no planned destination
    34. read all the books off my bookshelf
    35. Continue adding to my antique camera collection
    36. get a full body massage
    37. go on a cruise
    38. organize scrapbook room
    39. quit drinking pop
    40. update my shots 
    41. get a real Doctor (you see my pediatrician dropped me as a patient when I turned 18 and I just haven't felt comfortable with any other Dr. since then.)
    42. stop my shopping addiction
    43. teach someone how to do something new
    44. get an A in a college class
    45. learn how to use photoshop
    46. back up all my pictures
    47. start building interest in my savings account
    48. paint my parent's house before I move out (my Mom hates painting so I know it will never get done)
    49. run a 5K
    50. blog more frequently

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    1. What a great list! I totally need to get my pictures orgaized too. And you really need to stop with the tanning bed (no judging ~ I did my time in those babies!) I'v had many pre-cancer spots removed ~ scary! And do do do get a massage!
      Good Luck!


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