Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Friday night I took Maddy and Molly up to Dublin to babysit our other cousins Avery and Evan for the night. We had a lot of fun. After an eventful trip to the park, just a little word of advice: Do not take two 3 year old to the park 3 blocks or more away and allow the 3 year olds to drive battery operated jeep there. OMG I probably looked like a very irresponsible babysitter however was the coolest cousin around for the moment. When we got back to the house we just played outside on the patio with hula hoops and blowing bubbles. We ended with a little photoshoot of us girls

Evan being goofy on the swings
Miss Molly laughing at her funny cousin Evan
Avery climbing
Pretty girl

Maddy and I

Love this!

tomorrow: I will show ya'all some of my yard sale finds from the annual Trinway Community Yard Sales on Saturday.

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