Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello Everyone!
so I am done giving my excuses on here every time I miss a post...everybody knows how hard it is to stay updated with the beautiful weather we have been having. So the pool officially opened on Saturday and everything has went very smoothly, knock on wood it has only been open 2 days now! It is so nice to get to see how much all the kids have grown over the winter and just be there to greet everyone and knowing we are spending the rest of this summer together so everything has to be perfect :) Other than being at the pool thats all I have gotten done because I have been so tired from being in the sun all day but I love every minute of it!!!!

Lately I have been in a cleaning, decorating, organizing, remodeling etc. mood! I have no idea where it came from but I am not complaining! I recently found this website PINTEREST where you can type any word in the search box and it brings up tons of pictures pertaining to that word. When you click on the thumbnail you can see it bigger where you can also click it once more and it takes you to the website it came from which is typically a blog or informational website. You can also "repin" the picture to your own board where you can store all kinds of ideas so you can refer back to them without searching all over the place for the pictures again. I have boards ranging from laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, nursery ideas to wedding, front porch decor, mason jar ideas! This may all seem very confusing but just check it out and you will be instantly in-love too (:

well I think  I am going to go layout by Grandma and Grandpa's pool and study for my anatomy final for a couple hours before going into work :) Enjoy your Memorial Day and remember to thank whoever you may know that has served our wonderful country for all they have done!!! Thanks to all!!!

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