Saturday, June 11, 2011

I got some of my summer decorations made and put up! heres what I have gotten done, still need to make a couple wreaths to hang around the house and see what else I can come up with.

 I think this garland needs a little something more...thinking about adding some stars and maybe some glitter to the whole thing and some ribbon. any suggestions?
 I was inspired to do this from somewhere online can't remember what blog I found this on but when I figure it out I will give credit to it. Anyways my brother brought home a box of random pieces of wood from his high school wood shop. After digging through I found a bunch of random sized pieces just like these and had to take all of them. I am trying to think of some more things to do with them, maybe some blocks for each holiday. But here is our family last name and I had to use my little raccoon stamp too (: All I did was cut the letters out on my cricut then modpodged them to the pieces of wood and let them dry over night.

Hope you enjoy!

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