Monday, August 1, 2016

Showering Baby Briggs

This weekend I threw my best friend a baby shower to welcome their little girl into the Briggs Family. Hopefully in a month I am going to get to finally hold this little lady in my arms. Saturday started out a little rainy and we were a little nervous with how it was going to turn out because we were having it poolside and I really wanted to be able to have the whole thing out. I met Joni at 8:00 a.m. and we headed to the Farmer's Market and around town for a couple other errands. 

We hosted the party at my Aunt and Uncle's and it made the world of a difference being able to take over their kitchen for all of the food prep instead of having to haul everything there after it had been prepared. After whipping all the food up we were able to get outside and finish decorating. The sun came out and the black clouds went away and we were thanking God!!

Everyone arrived on time and luckily our guest of honor showed up thinking she was attending a little surprise birthday party for me. She was thoroughly surprised because she didn't think anyone was throwing her a shower with this being her second. 

I put all my crafting skills to use for the decorations and I was really pleased with how it all turned out. We gave away these little hens and chicks as favors to everyone. 
I think that was one of my favorite parts!
I also tricked her into getting some early maternity pictures that we were able to display. I will be sharing some more of them later but they turned out amazing too.

Baby's First Boots! 

 Bump Besties

The party turned out amazing and she was super surprised and this little miss that should be joining us in September sure is so loved!!!

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