Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gender Reveal Planning

Ever since before I became pregnant I knew I wanted to throw a gender reveal party. I had so many pins pinned on Pinterest and ideas flowing through my head. After we found out we were expecting I just haven't been able to narrow down all those ideas and stick to a plan. I love the idea of having a big box that we open with a bunch of pink or blue balloons exploding out of it or popping one of those big black balloons, and have all kinds of pink and blue decorations every where and a matching food menu to go along with the theme. I just can't figure out what to do for a theme...

Bucks or Does
Mustaches or Tutus
Lures or Lace
The options go on and on....

Last weekend Anthony and I were discussing the ideas over dinner and came up with a brilliant idea. We are going to be going to Charleston, SC in October for my Uncle's retirement ceremony from the United States Air Force. We already plan on spending a couple extra days there and my parents and brother and Shalene are going to be there along with some other family members. Anthony have an undying love for the Low Country and find ourselves visiting there like every year. We even spent our honeymoon there. Every time we visit we love going to Sullivan's Island. There is just this perfect island vibe going on, beautiful homes and walk ways leading to the beach, a light house to see and Anthony likes fishing there too. There is literally nothing to complain about. So the decision has been made, instead of having a big gender reveal party we are going to be doing our gender reveal on Sullivan's Island with the assistance of Shalene and JK and my parents with pulling it together. Everything will be well documented and we will definitely be sharing with everyone after we find out. I am actually in the process of researching the possibility of live streaming it for a handful of our family members and friends back home to be able to watch too, has anyone used Google+ Hangout or Periscope before? I thought we could just use Facetime but it seems it is limited to only a one on one phone call. If any of you have a solution for us, please share!

We are going to have to wait roughly 4-5 weeks after our anatomy scan to find out but we believe this is going to be the best wait ever, aside from waiting for February to get here.


  1. Oh wow, you'll have to wait 4-5 weeks?! That'll be tough but worth the wait!

    We had a small gender and name reveal party. My husband and I found out the gender but then surprised everyone else at the party. We also revealed my son's name that day on a banner we made. We went the balloons-in-a-box route. :)

  2. How fun! We waited 5 weeks for our reveal as well! It was tough but if you set your mind to it, you'll survive! lol. Isn't there an option to do live stream on FB? My brother just did that in June for his wedding. I cannot wait to find out small fry's gender!!!!

  3. That will be fun! I love that idea.


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