Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap

This morning I hit snooze 3 times too many, laid in bed soaking up every last minute possible. Monday came way too soon! After a busy weekend the last thing I wanted was for Monday to arrive. But alas it is here and I am still trying to figure out where the weekend went. 

Friday after work I busted my butt to get back to town so I could watch the kids sell their market hogs. I knew for sure I would be able to make it to Vincent but Maddy and Molly were of question. The Sale started at 1:00 and I couldn't get to town until 5:00. I ran from the camper to the hog barn and had just missed Maddy (insert out of breath prego from running across the fairgrounds!) Molly sold about 20 minutes later and she did so good. She went right in there with a huge smile on her face and won over the crowd for sure. Unfortunately Vincent sold close to last and most of the buyers had left for the night, so the kids were lucky to be making it to market price. Maddy and Molly are just the sweetest and said that they want to combine all three of their checks and divide them equally among the three of them since Vincent did a majority of the work with the pigs. I ended up grabbing something to eat and going home to get some R&R because we had a big wedding on Saturday to shoot and it was an all day-er.

Saturday morning I met Megan bright and early at the hair salon at 9AM to start shooting wedding day footage for Kadi and Jamison. Everyone was so nice and offered us drinks and breakfast at the salon and then again lunch at the Church before the wedding started. The wedding was at one of the Catholic churches and it was absolutely stunning. The reception was held at Weatherington Woods, a new wedding venue in Zanesville that is exactly what our town has needed. Not a single detail of the day was overlooked and there were so many emotions that were expressed throughout the day. Kadi and Jamison are definitely loved by so many people and their wedding day was nothing short of amazing!!!

Sunday I was able to sleep in a little longer but I had some errands to run, wanted to spend time with Tyson, go visit my parents and then I had an evening family maternity session to wrap up the day. Everything kind of got off schedule when I showed up to Mom and Dad's and Mom asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I have been needing to get back into some sort of activity so I was definitely glad that I did. Tyson, Mom, her dogs and her friend Deb and myself all went over to Dillon and walked around the park and by the lake. It was very enjoyable and the weather was amazing yesterday!

Anthony and I finished the day off at Aubrey and Mark's house. I finished their maternity session because she wanted some of Mark and Luke in them, which turned out really nice, even though we had to pull some teeth to steal Mark away from the farm. We also did Luke's Back to School Session and he was so excited about it. The pictures turned out amazing, Aubrey wants me to hold off sharing them on social media until Thursday when he starts school, but there is a little sneak peak below. Anthony was able to shoot his gun some while I did the session and then we had dinner there.

Isn't he just too stinkin adorable!!! I cannot wait to share the rest!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Did you get into anything interesting? Or were you able to simply relax? I realized I don't have a wedding to shoot this Saturday and as soon as I get through this week I am going to thoroughly enjoy the upcoming weekend of not doing a darn thing!

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  1. Those wedding photos are gorgeous! Love that rustic look so much.

    That is one cute dog!!!


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