Thursday, July 28, 2016

Test Results: Big Fat Plus Sign!!!

Friday June 17, 2016. The day we received the most exciting news ever. The day went a little something like this.

I slept through the latest possible snooze on the alarm that I possibly could, which had been going on for weeks. Rushed to get ready and ran out the door for work. Worked through my morning which was way busier than usual. I ended up grabbing lunch for some people at work and decided that I wanted to grab some chinese food for myself. I ended up ordering General Sos. About an hour after eating I realized my ankles were extremely swollen. I didn't think too much about it because I had also drank a Pepsi for the first time in weeks and thought maybe it was just a weird reaction to it and I was wearing new shoes. NBD.

I finished working and headed home. My ankles were still super swollen so I started running through my head what the possibilities could be. I had to stop at CVS to grab some nail polish and before going in I had this weird urge to check out my Glow app and realized I was actually two weeks late.

Rewind a few...Anthony and I had been trying to get pregnant for the last year and a half. In January I ended up having a procedure done to make sure everything was okay (it turned out a-o-kay) so we were told to just keep trying and that basically we needed to get our timing right and to clean up eating and drinking habits. Fast forward two months, I quit my slightly stressful job and got a job that has pretty much zero stress. I started to focus on my happiness more and teaching myself how to completely checkout from work as soon as I exit the building. I was pretty busy having fun and we had a couple out of town weddings to kick off our wedding season that Anthony and I weren't really focused on even trying to have a baby.

Back to me sitting in my car realizing I am two weeks late and processing all the possible symptoms:
  • Tired more often
  • The weekend before I kept getting the most random cramps in my stomach that were extremely different from my usual pre-periodness. 
  • Sore boobs! Like way more than usual and lasting longer than just a couple days
  • No desire to even have a glass of wine. Anthony literally kept trying to pour me a glass and for some reason I just wasn't craving it and after a couple sips would hand it over to him.
  • Heartburn
  • The grand finale of swollen ankles...
I should have known all along but after multiple handfuls of times of thinking this was the time and taking countless tests only to see the big fat negative and then inevitably starting my period within a day or two. I guess I just didn't want to get myself down in the dumps like all the times before. However, after analyzing all of these symptoms I had this gut feeling that I should buy a test while in CVS. I ran in grabbed a test, picked out a nail polish, some OFF and a toy for Tyson. When I pulled in the driveway I threw the test in my purse and walked in the house unloading the contents of the bag trying to disguise the fact that I had a test. After a few minutes I went back to the bathroom. Anthony and I neither one ever close the bathroom door so I didn't want to close it because I knew he would know that something was up. He ended up coming back the hall to talk to me and asked "I thought you had to take those in the morning" and I was like "I'm not doing what your thinking I am doing" and he was like "oh okay" and walked away. I read the directions real quick because I grabbed a different test this time, peed on the stick and placed it on the counter, pretty much betting that it was going to come up negative aside from all the pregnancy symptoms and the sheer fact that I truly was two weeks late. I wasn't going to stand there and watch it but I notice that the lines started appearing almost instantly and it was a definite positive. In what felt like was an eternity but was actually a few seconds I picked up the test, reread the directions, my hands started shaking and my eyes filled up with tears and I screamed out the hall "Oh my...." Anthony and I met halfway up the hall and he asked what was going on to which I just held out the positive test for him to see. His reaction was absolutely priceless...First he was like "No shit (in a good, ecstatic kind of oh shit lol)" then we both started crying and stood there hugging each other. We could not believe it and were basically on Cloud 9 for the rest of the night. Our original plans for the night were to clean house and chill at home but we couldn't even think straight. Well actually I couldn't think straight enough to clean, Anthony on the other hand was cleaning like crazy and talking about how we need to start purging some of our stuff around here so we can make room for a baby. I was busy scowering Pinterest for ideas on how to tell our parents and creating an account on and downloading the Nurture app on my phone.

We decided to go out for dinner and get out of the house. We had a giftcard to Applebee's so we went there only to see two of my friends and they invited us to sit with them. Knowing we couldn't speak a word of our big news without telling our parents first it was so hard to contain our excitement. Even when I ordered water with a lemon Kelcey looked at me and said "no beer, are you pregnant?" I was just like I am doing the 21 Day Fix right now. Luckily we made it through dinner without spilling the beans. 

We went home, chatting all the way about pregnancy, parenthood, throwing out baby names, and scheming on how to tell everyone. Since it was Father's Day weekend we knew we had to break the news in the form of Father's Day gifts. 

What a perfect Father's Day gift to Anthony for his first Father's Day. 

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  1. Sooooo excited for you!! Your going to be such amazing parents! Congrats again!


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