Friday, August 19, 2016

Oh Hey Friday!

I am linking up with Karli and Amy for some Friday Fun! Here is a little bit of what has went on this week. Lots of visits to the County Fair, shopping and an unexpected trip to the dentist (not so much fun!) I am definitely ready to get back into a routine next week and complete some goals I have set.

1. County Fair. Our County Fair is taking place this week and since we live 10 minutes from the fairgrounds I have taken full advantage of going over every single night. There is a big possibility (fingers and toes crossed) that we will not be living in the same house next year during the Fair and since we will have a 7 month old baby I don't know how convenient it will be to make so many trips to the Fair (don't doubt this Momma though, my love for the Fair is unimaginable so we will take that as a challenge!) Last night my cousin was able to hang out with me and we met up with my parents and some friends to watch the lamb and steer sale. These kids really put their hearts, hard work and lots of money into these projects so it is humbling to see so many local business owners show up to support them during the sale. I also made it a point to finally get an elephant ear that I have been craving all week.

2. Emergency Dental Visit. On Sunday night/early morning I woke up to my mouth throbbing. I have had a tooth that chipped off in the early weeks of my pregnancy but I had been waiting to get looked at until I reached my second trimester. Well I reached that last week and wouldn't you know this tooth was not going to wait. I popped some Tylenol and applied ice all morning, after I returned from lunch I notice my face was turning red and was warm to the touch. I decided to call the dentist (who was out of the office) and got into another dentist that I have never been to before (will continue after this adventure) and they put me on an antibiotic and I go back next Thursday to get this bad boy pulled out and a retainer made for at night until after Small Fry arrives and I can focus on getting an implant. Funny thing is the dentist that will be pulling it this week is a guy I went to high school with and were on the swim team together, I didn't even realize he was a dentist now. I trust their family though so I am not even concerned about having this done.

3. Pinkblush Maternity. A few weeks ago I came across a Pinkblush Maternity sale going on over on Zulily and fell in love with this maxi dress that I just had to order it. Maternity clothes in general are more expensive and I struggle with the thought of how short of a time period I will be wearing them but I have been told by multiple moms that comfort is really important so I decided to at least stock up on a few key tops and bottoms to get through. Having intentions of having more children I have decided to splurge a little more and purchase clothes that should last a while and that I can wear through multiple pregnancies. Coincidentally yesterday the dress I ordered from Zulily came and I came across yet another sale on Pinkblush. For two days they are offering an additional 50% off the already marked clearance items, making most of the tops $11-$14 (which is a steal of a deal!) I couldn't resist and did a little shopping spree. I will definitely be sharing what I scored once it has been delivered.

4. Meeting Famous People. My best friends got to meet Brett Eldredge last night. Jesie has been obsessed with Brett for quite some time now and scored Meet & Greet tickets before his concert last night in North Carolina. I was so excited for her and her twin sister Julie last night watching their snap chats.

5. Back to School Photo Sessions. On Sunday I am doing a couple Back to School Sessions for some of my friends. There is nothing I love more than decorating with a theme and providing pictures for my friends so when I came across this adorable pin on Pinterest and I realized I have a handful of friends who have kids attending Kindergarten next week I thought it would be perfect to get them together for some photo fun! I cannot wait to show you what I have rounded up and share the pictures with you next week. Here is some of my inspiration:

 I hope you all have an amazing weekend and get to relax a little!

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  1. Back-to-school photo sessions! So fun. And OUCH about your tooth. Sounds terrible. Glad you know the guy, though! That should make you feel better.


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