Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Fun

Hi Friends. Can we get a big amen that it is finally Friday! 
How about a five on Friday with some randomness...

1. Lets just get this one out of the way because it has been on my mind for over a week now and unfortunately will be until next week too. Last week I went to see the dentist for a tooth that was giving me issues and they scheduled for it to be pulled last night. Well after lots of numbing and pulling that darn thing wasn't coming out. So now I am scheduled to see an oral surgeon on Tuesday because it is going to need cut out. I am not looking forward to this at all and quite frankly am very nervous about the whole thing. Here is hoping they don't have to put me out for the procedure as I would like to keep Small Fry okay. Prayers are greatly appreciated!

2. August 26th. 11 years with that hunk of mine. Yep, eleven years ago we met at the County Fair and started dating at the first football game and we haven't been separated since. Life has been absolutely amazing with him by my side and I cannot wait to celebrate tonight. We are going to go to dinner at Roosters and then to see Bad Moms. Happy Anniversary Babe.

3. Bath & Body Works. I took advantage of an email offer from B&BW for the first time in a while (Anthony put a halt to my online orders after he found our soap stash) This offer I could not resist though. The 3 wick candles were on sale and with a code you could get a free item. I ended up ordering a candle in Flannel and snagging this pumpkin candle sleeve.

4. New blogger around here. Reaghan used to live here in Ohio, I showed horses and worked with her sister. Her boyfriend used to have a band with my cousin, Doublecut. Well they recently moved to Nashville and I helped her get set up on her blog, New to Nashville, so she can document their new journey living in Nashville, TN. 

5. Fall is around the corner!!! I have been going crazy pinning ideas for Fall decorations on Pinterest. I will have to share some of the ones I plan on actually pursuing next week. Today I got this fundraiser order form on my desk for mum orders. I couldn't resist not ordering a couple, I will get the rest from my mother in law at the Farmer's Market. 

And just because I can't not say something about the fact that it is National Dog Day. 
Happy National Dog Day Tyson!

Is anyone else anxiously waiting for this Fall weather to officially grace us with its presence?
Do you have any big plans for the weekend?

Hope you have a wonderful one!!

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  1. Tyson is absolutely adorable! Ahh!

    Love that candle sleeve! I love fall and it gives off all the fall vibes!

    Good luck with the tooth and I will definitely check out your friend's blog.


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