Wednesday, August 17, 2016

HBD to the first man to have my heart...My Daddy!

Today is my Dad's birthday. 
I will leave out how old, your welcome Dad. 
Growing up I was always (and still am) a Daddy's Girl. 
My Dad (both my parents really) has done so much for us that has allowed us to not need for anything. He worked many, many hours of overtime, worked weekends at the canoe livery, shoveled horse stalls a couple winters. He did this for us. 
Today I hope you get to relax and don't have to step foot at the County Fair.
Growing up we were big in 4H and his birthday always falls on fair week. Even though he loved participating in the fair, it really was just for us. Let's just say that going to the fair for his birthday now that his children are grown adults is just not on his list of fun things to do. 

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you! I cannot wait to see you be a Grandpa to Small Fry. You have been an amazing Dad, I can only imagine how great of a Grandpa you will be!

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  1. What great pictures! Happy birthday to your dad :)


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