Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Extended Holiday weekends are always the absolute best! But they are also the weekends that go by way too fast. I didn't end shooting a wedding on Saturday so I pretty much had the whole weekend to myself and it was truly perfect. 

Friday evening I had a maternity session to shoot, and they turned out amazing. I will definitely be sharing them later this week. After the session Anthony and I spent the evening catching up on Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. 

Saturday morning my Mom and Dad picked me up and we headed to Johnstown (a town 45 minutes or so from our hometown) where they host a huge flea market called Swappers Day. This year we opted out of going to the actual event but instead hit up all the yard sales going on in the surrounding area. I scored a couple really cute swimsuits for Small Fry, we still don't know what we are having but decided that if it was a girl I would be kicking myself later for not grabbing them. My Dad also snagged this adorable vintage pink high chair that will be perfect for cake smash sessions. We hit up a late lunch at this nice little pizza shop in Granville and headed home from there. Anthony and I ended up spending the evening at Mom and Dad's for dinner and hanging out and didn't get home til pretty late and went straight to bed. 

Sunday we had a family cookout at the pool. So after prepping food all morning with my Mom we headed to the party where we spent the rest of the afternoon. It was a little chilly so I didn't end up swimming but it was great hanging out with family and enjoying all the amazing food. I ended up taking chocolate covered strawberries and they were a huge hit! Definitely going to my go to for the next few parties. 

Anthony and I both had yesterday off which was great! We ended up going to visit his Grandma and Grandpa Fry because we still had not had a chance to tell them our exciting news. They were thrilled for us and it feels really good to know that pretty much everyone knows that we are expecting now. Now we just have roughly 2.5 weeks until we find out if Small Fry is a boy or girl. We had a little change in plans that I will be sharing sometime this week for our gender reveal party. I am pretty excited about it and we will be finding out much sooner than our original plan.
After we got home from visiting Grandma and Grandpa Fry we just spent the evening relaxing at home with Tyson and Anthony cooked up this amazing italian dish, that I am hoping to get the recipe from him so I can share with all of you, it is one we are adding to our list of freezer meals that we will be making before Small Fry makes the big debut. 

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that this 4 day work week flies by for you!

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  1. Eek! You get to find out gender so soon.... so exciting.

    Grey's on Netflix. Yesss. I was trying to catch up while I was out on maternity leave but didn't get even near to done by the time I went back to work. Such a good show though.


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