Sunday, May 1, 2011

WoW! I am so behind on posting on my blog. I was on a roll there for a while, almost every day, but there was a little set back. You see on the weekends (mostly those during the summer) I escape to our campground on the river. It is a couple miles outside of town and it is so peaceful there and it is where my Dad's side of the family can be found during the summer and fall months. My Grandma and great-Aunt Karen inherited the campground from their Mom its been being passed down from generation to generation. We have our own old camper down there on our own little lot, we have a big deck where we gather with family and friends for cookouts and sit around the fire in the evenings just drinking and talking. I live for the summer weekends that I get to spend at the river. We have a boat dock attached to our riverbank on our lot where we park the boat and take trips up to the sand bar. Anthony and I decided even though it was a little cold that we would take the chance and head to the river for the weekend. We invited two of his friends from work down on Friday night. We all just sat around the camp fire, roasting hot dogs and talking about the past! It was so much fun and peaceful. Last night was Grandma Price's surprise 60th bday party so we just walked down the lane to celebrate with everyone else.The awesome thing about the river is there is no internet! I know most people would probably cringe at this thought but really it is just awesome to get away from everything. So ofcourse because of that I was given this set back on my blog. I am sorry to anyone thats been following my 50 day challenge or look forward to checking my blog but there is a slight other setback I have a biology test tomorrow and a huge anatomy test tuesday so I won't be able to update on the challenge or probably post until tuesday night or wednesday at some time. But there will be some pictures in that post for sure :) Have a good sunday evening everyone and enjoy your monday!

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