Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Catchin' Up..

It really is hard to stay updated on here with the gorgeous weather we have been having. My week aside from going to class as been filled with fishing trips with my baby, playing outside with Tank, finishing a great book, and getting the pool ready to open on Saturday!!! Here are some pics of what I have been up to.

 New Favorite pic of us!!! I love the time we get to spend together fishing :)

 My cousin Maddy graduated from elementary school and is starting Junior High in the fall! This really brings a tear to my eye because it seems like just yesterday we were visiting them in the hospital when she was born.
 Molly and I! (Molly is my god-daughter and pretty much holds a huge place in my heart! along with all the other "Spiker" kiddos) 
 Tank and I down in the barn
 Anthony and I had a little photoshoot while we were sitting down in the barn! Looking at this picture there is no doubt that our children will have blue eyes just like us :)

Not real sure what happened to little man's eye. I think when he was nosing around in the hay he got poked! gotta love that face though. I cannot believe how big he is getting!
As I said I finished a book this week! It felt so good to finally be able to sit down and read an actual book that was not a text book!!! Now I have to crack back down on the text books and get ready to ace these finals I have coming up. Back to the book..I love and would recommend any Nicholas Sparks book to anyone. I have all of his books and read each and every one of them, a couple have even been read twice! I will save my whole rambling of my love for books for another post!

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