Thursday, May 5, 2011

Embrace the Camera:
This week it is of the little girl/cousin I babysit in the mornings. God bless her little heart! her school is doing a book drive for a teacher that died this school year and they are trying to get enough money so they can put a reading bench at school in memory of Mrs. Blood. The kids are allowed to bring in gently used books that are then going to be sold for twenty five cents. Brooklyn chose a good amount of books that she really liked and was taking them into school today. Most kids wouldn't be able to get rid of something that is theirs most just want, want, want and want some more. I was so proud of her for donating something that she likes.
 Here are some other pictures from my day!
Tired boys :) I am pretty sure there is a strong bond forming between these two! and i love it!!!
 Today I also did my weekly Thursday visit to Mr. Luke Briggs. He is growing up so fast. Here he had just dozed off on my lap...gahh I love that precious little face! I really didn't want to give him up so I could go to school but I get to see him tomorrow so I think I will make it ;)
 Jk brought over his gf's Dads Jeep that they are taking to prom next weekend! i fell in love the minute I saw it!!!!
 Shalene and Jonathan!

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