Monday, May 16, 2011

Sorry I have been a little MIA but its so hard to get time to get on the blog world when the weather was so nice last week, I had tons of studying to do (still have it, but need a little break from the books), plus I had a very eventful weekend! Heres how my weekend went:
Friday Night- Anthony and I stayed at the river. I headed up early to unload everything and then go spend a little time with my bestie and mr. Luke. I was in an energetic mood I guess and decided to run/walk up to her house from the river lot. It took me 20 minutes haven't checked the mileage yet. My goal is to by the end of the summer be able to run there without any trouble (WISH ME LUCK!) She took me back down and I got some cleaning done in the camper. I got the fridge, sink, counters, outdoor sink, and outdoor tables all bleached down and looked new! By the time I was finishing Anthony came down and we got a fire started and his friend from work came down to visit for a little bit. Since the weather turned pretty crappy we decided to go to bed.
Saturday- I had to work at the pool in the morning and Anthony had stuff to do around his house (mow, fix 4 wheeler etc.) After work I went home and got ready for my baby brothers first prom! They looked so nice. The afternoon consisted of pictures in the front yard (Mom made a tradition of every year for the first day of school taking a pic under a tree), more pictures at Shalenes (JK's awesome girlfriend), they all headed to dinner while we all waited to head to the promenade, rainy crappy weather met us just in time for promenade. After we said our good byes to them so they could enjoy their dance Anthony and I headed back down to the river. Where we got to meet some new members of the family (no names due to privacy of foster purposes). Aubrey and Mark picked us up and we headed to Bdubs to see my cousin's band play. However there was a huge damper on the evening because ofcourse I am under 21 and allowed at any other bar in the state of Ohio except the back of bdubs on that particular night!!!! :( we got a table though and could hear the music just fine! After our date night we went back to the river and hit the sack.
Sunday- woke up feeling motivated to get some work done! Anthony and I push mowed the whole lot, did some gardening, rearranged the steps off the deck and just moved some little things around and tidied up. We left around 12:30 to go to my cousin Vincent's bday party. I finished off my weekend cramming for my biology test that was today.
So here are some pics from the weekend!

Bdubs: Me and Aubrey :)
Aubrey and Mark
Anthony and I
After my test today I had the urge to swing by hobby lobby and see if I could find any thing I couldn't live without. I scored myself this cute little raccon stamp (raccoons play an important part in our family for the fact that our last name "KUHN" is pronounced coon) for $1.50 on clearance!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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