Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So on Sunday Anthony and I got a little bit of work done at the campsite. Here are some pics:
 Little flower garden. Some of it my friend Jessie and I did last year but sunday I brought some more rocks in and put them in to extend it. I still need to get more from behind the camper and then get some flowers planted or something.
 Hostas (sp?) that need to be split and then planted some where else. Maybe in the little flower bed by the campfire.
 So there used to be on step here off these stairs. It was always awkward to step off of because it was so small. We decided to move two others from a place on the other side of the deck to extend the length.

Anthony working on the steps.

We still have an on-going list of stuff to be done but we are getting it done :) This weekend I need to take the powerwasher down and get the porch washed down, maybe get some plants planted, and possibly some painting. Soon enough it will be looking all nice and perty! Can't wait to show pics of the finished project!!!!

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