Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap

My weekend kinda sorta began on Thursday night.
My Uncle Jeff and Aunt Erin gave Anthony and I Darius Rucker concert tickets.
walking to the concert we passed Huntington Park 
we ended up watching a little bit of the game. 

 The concert was held at 
the Lifestyles Pavilion. we had never
been there before
and it was so cool! We didn't feel
like we were smack dab in the middle of Columbus Ohio!

 I did have to work on Friday
but it was only from 9-12 and work isn't bad 
when you come in to this sitting on your desk!
 When I got off Tank and I had 
a little fun playing in his little pool to cool off

 I also went over to see Molly get off the bus 
from her first day of kindergarten

 Then I went home and practiced shooting
my bow some and Mr. Tank decided to make sure 
everything was going alright
 Saturday I went to Jonathan's tractor pull in Dresden 
at the Melon Festival.

 Luke and Aubrey came too
Luke even got to take a ride with JK
 After the pulls we had Kalli's
birthday party at Joni and Deans. 
Where I snapped these awesome pictures of the 
country road out there
 and this cute little guys biggest smile!
 Me Aubrey and Joni

 And then yesterday was Anthony and I's
7 year anniversary!
We out to eat at Texas Road House!
 Just my yummy food

Today I am starting back to college!
Wish me luck as I head off to my public speaking class

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