Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

I am back with my wedding wednesday posts!
for now anyways.

well I have officially had my first wedding fiasco...
first off I ordered two gorgeous dresses from Dorothy Perkins 3 weeks ago.

this exact one actually.
After aquiring all my girl's sizes and comparing them to the size chart I decided to just order a 6 and an 8 in order for the girls to try them on and figure out what size they would actually need. On top of finally finding the perfect dresses they also had an amazing price tag ... $44 plus 15% off!

I waited and wait for 3 weeks to get them in the mail and yesterday they finally came. I was so excited opening the package...only to find that they sent me a 10 and a 12! what the heck?! So I waited all day and finally tried one on after I got off work. Well lets just say their size chart is horrible and does not compare to their actual sizes. The dresses are extremely small and I was able to squeeze into the 12 when my measurements matched what a size 6 would be from the website.

I am still waiting to hear back from them on how to return the dresses because they are actually out of London which I did not realize until after ordering the dresses. I am thinking I will actually keep the one dress and wear it for our rehearsal or something like that and I guess if the company doesn't allow me to return it I can sell it on ebay or something.

So I am back to square one and am thinking I am just going to keep my shopping in the US and just get the dresses from the target line like I had planned originally. I mean is $70 really that expensive for a bridesmaid dress? I really don't want my girls to go broke for my wedding but I still want them to look just as gorgeous as I do on the big day!!!

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