Tuesday, August 28, 2012

sticker shock

Not that I had enough already on my plate..
last night I began going back to college.
I had decided a year ago that I was going to take a break
because this girl had no idea what she was going to be when
she grew up and lets just say she was growing up way too fast
along with a $10,000+ student loan accumlating.

Well I gave it a year and here I was again
pulling into Ohio University Zanesville's parking lot
for my first evening of classes.
This time it is going to be extremely different.
For one there will be no skipping classes!
No excuse I will be going. 
I will be prepared for every class!
Last but not least school is going to be my number one priority.
In the past I was so easily distracted and just thought
I was there for the social life and not my future. 
Now it is my future...
I am getting married in less than a year
I am officially an adult and I need to live that way.

Well those are just some of my goals for this quarter.
On to some cuter parts about going back to college.......
I decided to go to Staples before class yesterday and get some needed supplies.
I found these awesome notebooks that are made by Staples
and are a Sugarcane-based notebook. 
Let me tell you these babies are sweet!
I love that the covers are so simple and somewhat rustic chic looking.
Instead of the traditional blue and red gridded paper 
these are brown.
I also found this super cute folder 
to hold all my stray papers since I won't be using binders.
Lastly I bought some more of my favorite pens...
the Pentel Energel multi pack.
All together I bought 2 notebooks, 1 folder and a large pack of amazing pens 
and the total came to $22.35
Not too bad for some kick butt school supplies.

I was walking on cloud 9 
that is until I got to the bookstore on campus.
My public speaking book came to $142.31
(eeekkk I not only had nightmares last night about the speeches 
we are expected to give but the price of this book I had to buy)
 I was supposed to get another book for 
my online computer class but I skipped out on that for the night.
After going to class and coming home
I went straight to Chegg.com 
to find these books for a much cheaper price!!!
 Cheaper price being I purchased both books I need for $2 less than
the public speaking book.
Granted they are a rental but hey now I don't have to deal with
selling them back to the bookstore or online
at the end of the quarter.
All I have to do is return the book I bought last night tonight 
when I go to my other class.

So the moral of the story is you can still buy
really cute school supplies
and save tons of moolah on those over-priced college books!!
Now I am on to working on
these speeches and possibly what my class tonight is 
going to entail... History of Dance.

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