Friday, August 17, 2012

Fridays Letters

Enjoying the rodeo last night

Dear Friday, you came pretty fast this week, thank-you! Dear Madeline & Vincent, you both did an amazing job this week showing your animals at the fair. You made me really proud that you are following in my footsteps. I know it is hard selling them but that is the whole process of this and just look at all the hard work you have done all summer and now it is paying off. Dear Muskingum County Fair, you have always been so much fun (much more fun when I was in 4H) and have your ways of dragging all the dirty people of Zanesville out of the woodworking for the week. Thank-you though for all you have provided me for in the past and what that you are providing the future of 4H. Fair week is a wonderful time for all the kids to show off their hard work throughout the summer and just have fun with other great kids! Tonight I am looking forward to watching Vincent sell his pig and going to the Kelly Pickler concert with my girls! Dear Dad, Happy Birthday! I know we are always wrapped up in the fair activities and don't have a real chance to celebrate your brithday the proper way. Hopefully we do this year and I hope that you have an amazing day today. I Love You!


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