Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

 Wow what a weekend I had! We finished off the fair week with Maddy and Vincent selling their projects and Molly even got to participate in her first show. All last week was full of so much fun so it felt like the whole fair week was the weekend. So here is the fair week and weekend recap through the profile of my instagram! 

always got to have some corn on the cob from one of the 
church stands.
 Miss Maddy before her first show! she was so nervous
but did amazing!!!

 Watching a steer show together... I love being at the fair
together. It is where we met 7 years ago <3 
 Rough truck contest
 Watching the lamb sale...waiting on Maddy.

 Watching our friends in the rodeo! 
Thanking God that Logan was okay after being bucked off
and a trip to the hospital.

Miss Molly after showing Maddy's lamb! 
she was so excited
Vincent showing his pig
 Aubrey and I at the Kellie Pickler concert

  Joni, Me and Aubrey after the concert

 Saturday we held off going to the fair until the evening. Anthony had his conceal carry class 
all day Saturday and we were jealous that he was out shooting guns all day 
so we decided to shoot a couple rounds too!

 We can't hide our redneck side....

Luke and Mark going on a tractor ride
 We finished the fair off by going to the tractor pulls which was actually Anthony and I's 
first date. 

Yesterday I spent most of the day helping Spiker's on their house on Military, 
just getting it all cleaned up and ready to be put on the market.
Some of the day was spent swinging with this cutie pie! Hard to believe she 
starts kindergarden this week! where has the time gone?
this picture was taken in 2008 on the same exact swing

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