Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nothing going as planned....

Last night I had super big plans!
After I got off work I was supposed to be on the road to see Justin Moore at 
a county fair with some of my best friends. 
Well we did not realize how far away the fair was going to be and ended
up opting out of the 2.5 hour drive.
I was extremely disappointed and am pretty sure I was 
missing Mr. Moore much more than he was missing having us 
at the concert.

So plan One down the drain.
On to Two...

Anthony was given a bike from one of the people I work with
and I was so excited because I am always wanting
to go on a bike ride but Mr. Fry never has a bike (or so that
was his excuse) but now we were able to go on a ride.
We decided to go to Black Hand Gorge
but while before we left Anthony decided 
to give the bike a little test ride only to find out that the wheel is coming off
of the rim. So no bike ride for us. 

Aunt Lori and Vincent showed up 
and offered for Anthony to ride Vincent's bike...(back to plan two!!)
we were on our way over there and Theresa called
and Bob's truck was broken down so we
headed to go fix it instead of going to get
Vincent's bike.
I am telling you my whole night was not meant to go as planned!

Anthony worked his magic on Bob's truck and we were off
once again.
We decided to just go back to my house 
and I ended up practicing shooting my bow since 
there are only 39 days 
til bow season!!!
I did really good and Anthony said if I keep it up I 
will be just fine once I am out in 
the deer woods!

Here's hoping that the rest of my week 
either goes as planned or I just don't plan anything 
and see what happens. 

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