Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

I had a pretty busy weekend as my friend Ashley over at Rustic Living calls it Insta-Weekend this is pretty much what this post is all about. Here lately all my pictures I have been taking are ending up on instagram instead of facebook. Which makes it super easy to go back and look at all the fun stuff I have done over the weekend. With summer being here Anthony and I are found almost all the time outside enjoying God's beautiful creation. If you want to follow me on instagram please do:

After I got off work on Friday and after running some errands I met Anthony and his brother Travis to go fishing in Conesville by the power plant. I was pretty excited because I was told we were going to catch lots of fish...well lets just say after 3.5 hours out there no fish were caught! but JK ended up joining us and I was also able to take some really cool pictures.

Saturday was full of partying! First we had Shalene's graduation party (check out her pink camo banner that I made her) and then my Dad's friends daughter, Alyssa, got married! We missed the wedding ceremony but made it to the reception which was gorgeous! 
Me and Miss Graduate (:
Aren't these decorations amazing?! look familiar to my pinterest boards?
How pretty is that? well I am a pretty lucky bride to be and Alyssa is giving me all of the decorations from her wedding! I am so excited (:
wish this wasn't this blurry! but it Dad with his friends from work

The venue was amazing! I wish it was closer to home because I would love to have my reception here. It was held at Autumn Lakes Campground in Sunbury, OH. The campground looked like an awesome place to go as a family and the reception hall was perfect for the wedding!

On Sunday Anthony and I went to church together, which doesn't get to happen very much because he usually has to work on Sundays. After church we came home, watched a movie and then decided to go fishing over at Dillon. I haven't been having much luck on our fishing trips and yesterday I caught about 15 little blue gill. They were pretty tiny but it was fun. Anthony caught a couple real big ones too!

I wasn't able to get up this morning to do my run because I was up late trying to make a seating arrangement thing for my wedding. Luckily it isn't super hot here today so I was able to get a run in when I got off work. Diesel ended up showing up about half a mile into the run so he ran with me the rest of the way which was nice and he was really good considering he didn't have a leash on. Here are the stats for my run today:


  1. That is awesome that she is giving you all those decorations!! I love the rustic theme! Looks like a great weekend. :)

  2. Glad I stopped by here! :) You are adorable and I can't wait to follow along with your blog. I saw you on Leigh Anne's blog for the Ohio meet and greet and I'll be there too! :) Ps- I know just where Sunbury is, did my undergrad in Mt Vernon!!


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