Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Wednesday Pt. 4.2

Ok I know I already did a Wedding Wednesday post once today but I seriously cannot wait until next week to show you all this awesomeness! Dad took my Jeep to work with him to get some of the decorations from Alyssa's wedding that they are giving us. When I got home from work I went to check out what was in it and oh my goodness it was packed full. This seriously is like a dream come true. We ended up putting everything in my scrapbook room. Soon enough I am pretty sure it will be packed full of wedding stuff and I will be moving out into other parts of the basement.

 Told ya it was packed full (:
 Scrapbook/Craft Room is being taken over
 Pretty pretty center pieces. There are 30 some mason jar center pieces right there with the rocks in them, flowers and stems and taffeta ribbon tied around them. The purple is not one of our colors but the orange is so all I really need to get is blues and greens to put in these. I also already have some of the blue mason jars that we are also going to be using.
 The couch is taken over already too.
 One of my favorite things! this is for our cake to sit on
 another favorite is all the wood slabs needed for the center pieces, there are 26 of them to be exact and those little boxes are white Japanese paper laterns! All I need to get now is some blue, green and orange ones to mix in with these ones.
 Some cute picture holders to put on the tables too
 Pretty bows to hang up just need to change out the colors.
 Who would not be super excited about all these wedding goodies?!! 
I want to give a big big big THANK-YOU to Alyssa, Nick and their parents for passing all of this on to us!!
Thank-you thank-you thank-you so much!!!

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  1. after going through stuff last night again, we are sending a few more things for you. Bows, candles and probably some of the leftover centerpiece sticks. Your dad should have them with him tonight when he gets home from work.

    We are so glad you can use this stuff!!


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