Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend recap

Wow what an eventful weekend we had mixed with a spur of the moment trip and spending lots of time with family made for a great weekend all together. Friday I got off work at 12 and decided to swing by Hobby Lobby to get a couple things and of course I ended up walking around for nearly an hour looking at all the pretty stuff they have in there. I cannot wait until we get our own house, it will be so much fun getting it all decorated and looking pretty. To no one's surprise I love all of the country decor along with all the gorgeous picture frames which are almost always on sale! 

 Check out these cute mirrors I found! 

 After HL I rushed home because one of Mom's friends from work was coming over with her daughter to pick out their new puppy from the litter of puppies we got 8 weeks ago. Miss Maggie picked out the little rottweiler looking puppy and she went to her new home on Friday. Her name is Georgia and it is pretty obvious that these two are going to be best friends.

After Georgia went to her new home Anthony, Mom, Dad and I were sitting around trying to decide what we were going to do for supper. We weren't real sure what we wanted and Anthony suggested getting sea food and Mom was like oh its seafood buffet over at Wheeling Island Casino in West Virginia. So we all jumped in the car and headed over there. Anthony and I were pretty excited because we had never been to a casino before. I wasn't too impressed with the buffet but I am not a huge fan of seafood but everyone else was so excited about the crab legs.

After we ate we went and watched the dog races and even bid on two. After a couple races we decided to hit up the slot machines. I only used a dollar and wanted to see how far that would get me. At one point in time I had made $6.30 off that one dollar but I was having so much fun I couldn't just stop there and had to play it and I ended up only walking out with .35 from that $1. But hey it was a lot of fun!

 This was the only picture of all 4 of us that I got some lady to take and she wasn't real sure what she was doing so of course it is all blurry.

Saturday we went to Anthony's Grandma and Grandpa Fry's for his great Grandma Kaser's 90th birthday party. She is a collector of owls so when I was at HL I found her this really pretty ceramic owl that you can put a candle in and I had to get it for her. We had tons of delicious food and cake and play some hillbilly golf and pretty much just sat around and enjoyed the breeze and spending time with family.

 Grandpa Fry recently tore down an old barn and built a new one and he gave me some of the old wood off the old barn! I was so excited. However I am still cowering Pinterest to figure out what I am going to do with it.
 This is the card I made her with my Cricut
After we left there we decided to go fishing for the remainder of the evening and I got to use my new pole!

Sunday I spent most of the day trying to catch up on my laundry and cleaning my bedroom. When Anthony got off work we decided to take a ride on the bike. This was my first time riding with him and it was so much fun! We went over to Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt's property to see the progress there and then we went for a ride over around the lake and ended up taking a walk around the Marina. It was a very nice end to our busy weekend.

I hope you all had a great weekend and once again we are counting down the days til Friday.


  1. I love going to Wheeling Island to watch the dog races! Looks like a great weekend!

  2. I tore UP HobbyLobby over the weekend lol... I love how often their frames are 50% off, I definitely grabbed a few! :)

    And that puppy--- Oh my gosh, so adorable!

    You had a jam-packed weekend girl, but looks like a total blast! I've never done the slot machines, but I know I wouldn't be able to stop either. I'll have to limit myself to a couple bucks when I try ;)


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