Thursday, June 7, 2012

Its Ok

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Its Ok Thursdays

...that all I have been able to think about lately is planning my wedding and it is still a little over a year away. have a sudden addiction to playing games on my phone get all emotional when picking out songs for our wedding and what my Dad and I will be dancing to have been so nervous about meeting with Father Jordan to find out if we could get married in the church and see up all the information and it was actually not that bad at all be just now getting my new contacts when 2 months ago I was given the trial pair and told to call back in 2 weeks to get the new ones ordered..oops
...its ok to be in love with my free pen from Huntington Bank and to guard it with my life because for some reason it is the only Huntington pen we have in the office that writes in black instead of blue.
...even though I can really use the money for vacation when offered to have a day off tomorrow I jumped on it! (if you worked with the people I do you would understand)

What are you ok with today?

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  1. It is okay to think all about your wedding. It is an exciting time! Just remember, that planning the wedding shouldn't take nearly as much time as planning the marriage. The wedding is one day, marriage is your lifetime!

    It is a beautiful blessing!


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