Wednesday, June 13, 2012

dreaming about my reception...

In less than 7 hours we will be beach bound! Just thought I would throw that out there but anyways once again it is Wednesday and we all know what that means...


WEDDING WEDNESDAY over here on my blog!

Today I am just going to put them both in the same post because I am very busy with finishing stuff up at work and trying to wrap my head around everything I need to get for our trip and what I might be missing. We did have a slight change of plans for the trip but it is working out for the good (: The other couple that was going to go with us cannot go so now Shalene and Madeline are going and so is Trevor (Anthony's youngest brother that has never been to the beach before!) We are going to have lots of fun and I am planning a little trip for us girls to go see the house that Nights in Rodanthe was filmed at and go see the light houses too. We will be staying at an oceanfront KOA Campground so I will most likely not be getting on here because we won't have a bunch of time to be doing all the ordinary stuff we would be doing at home. 

Anyways this week I have been searching pinterest for all kinds of ideas for decorations for the reception.

I am planning on having some rustic chalk boards made like this. We are going to skip the stress of doing assigned seating and let everyone sit where they want to. I think this allows them to mingle with new family members. The only reserved seating will be for immediate family like our parents, grandparents and possibly really close aunts and uncles

I thought these were super cute and am going to make one that says FRY in our wedding colors or with bailing twine.

I have been admiring these charms for my bouquet for a while now. I really want a picture of my Grandpa Spiker, Grandma Kuhn (Dad's real Mom) and Anthony's Grandpa would be really special to me have them going down the aisle with me on my big day since they can't physically be there.

We already have a bunch of white balls we got from Alyssa and Nick's wedding so I just want to get some green, blue and orange ones and do something similar to this.

I really like this color for the guys tuxes. Not real sure if I am going to not have them wear the jackets but this does look really nice!
And of course I want a picture like this!

This week Mom and I have been shopping around for 4 oz. mason jars online for our wedding favors. It is going to be so cute but we need to get started on them really soon because strawberries are in season. My plan is to have all my bridesmaids come over to help with making the jam and assembling them. It will be a fun day just hanging out with my girls. But this is what we are going to do for our favors:

Now I just have to figure out how we are going to make homemade jam and the art of canning!
Should be quite the experience for all of us.

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