Saturday, June 23, 2012

OBX 2012 - part 2

On Wednesday I mentioned about being thankful we made it home safely. We woke up early on Monday morning, Anthony and I watched the sunrise together at the beach and returned to our campsite to wake everyone else up and finish packing up the campsite. 

Everything was going extremely smoothly and we were on the road before 7:00 a.m. and had two stops to make; breakfast and a trip to Wings for some last minute souvenir shopping and we were officially on the road by 8:30. We made a little fun stop at the Grave Digger Garage on the way out of state.

After a couple quick pictures we were on the road again with an estimated time of being home at 6:52 p.m. give or take 15 minutes for potty breaks and lunch. We made it through the tunnel that goes under the Chesapeake in Virginia. Traffic was going at a steady 65-70 and I was sitting indian style in the passenger seat reading my book and the girls and Trevor were drifting off to sleep in the back seat. Next thing I know the jeep is slowing way down and I hear Anthony say "Hold on" and I look up to see brake lights of the truck in front of us only inches away and I am immediately throwing my legs down with fear of the air bags screwing my legs up forever and bracing myself for impact. I thought for sure we were going to hit the truck in front of us. Miraculously we got stopped only inches from the truck only to get rearended by the VW behind us which sends us into the truck in front of us. I figured this is it but within seconds we are getting hit again this time extremley harder and coming to a stop we realize this has turned into an 8 car pile up. After making sure everyone is okay and pulling off to the side of the road everyone is getting out of the car to inspect what has happened. We quickly realize the breaking was caused by a bicycle that fell off of someone's car, truck or RV and they continued on their way. I also came to the quick realization that behind the van that slammed into the VW is a semi truck only a foot behind them. If that semi had not stopped who knows what would have happened to us, I might not be sitting here typing this. Emergency personnel quickly arrived to the scene and the interstate was shut down and they began taking each driver's report of what happened. The van that caused the last collision we realized had not even attempted to stop and most likely hit us going at 65+ mph which caused 7 cars to go together. Not one person's airbags went off and no one had to be taken away in the ambulance. We were able to rearrange our belongings and cut off the hanging part of the Jeep's fender and were able to drive the rest of the way home along with the other vehicles that were in front of us. However the VW and the van had to be towed away. The accident was ruled out to be the van's fault until they can find out who the bike belonged to. 

Two hours later we were on the road yet again, thanking GOD and our guardian angels for keeping us safe and unharmed minus some whiplash and extreme anxiety to be out on the road. After stopping to eat lunch the gps routed us through the rest of Virginia and West Virginia via a route through the mountains avoiding the interstate which was good for all of us and made the trip much more enjoyable.

We arrived in my driveway at 10:17 p.m. and after unpacking everyone went to their own beds and went to sleep. It took me a couple days this week to recover from the whiplash and for my headache to go away and I had to miss Wednesday of work for it to get some xrays done. I returned to work on Thursday with lots of paperwork to do and catch up on. After work I had to pick Anthony up from Brown's Auto Repair where he left the Jeep to get checked from the insurance adjuster and possibly get an estimate within 48 hours. We received a phone call last night that the Jeep is going to be totaled out due to the mass amount of damage. So now we are car shopping but cannot do so until Monday after we hear from the bank because Anthony is still paying on his loan. 

I most importantly want to thank God for saving us along with our guardian angels that are with us every day and night (Grandpa Spiker, Shalene's Uncle Bubby and Aunt Mindy, and my Grandma Beulah). Without them who knows what shape we would be in. Please continue praying for us that we can get through the upcoming weeks of car shopping and getting everything cleared with the insurance company without having a nervous breakdown. 

Today we are super busy with getting some laundry done this morning as soon as I hit the post button on here and drag myself out of bed. We are going to Columbus for a reptile show so Anthony can get some food for his critters then back home and up to Anthony's Grandma and Grandpa's for his Great Grandma's 90th birthday party and some family fun enjoying some amazing food and playing cornhole and hillbilly golf and hopefully some rides on the gator on the backroads. Hope you all have a great weekend and check back this week for some more exciting stories and lots of pictures from our trip and some updates on the wedding on Wednesday. See ya'all later!


  1. Oh my gosh--how scary! I hate car wrecks. Thank God you guys walked away okay.


  2. That's CRAZY!

    You definitely had a guardian angel looking out for you!


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