Friday, June 1, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear Friday,
I am so glad you are finally here. I only have 2.5 hours til my weekend starts and even though it was a short week at work it seemed like it took forever! Thanks for coming. I have a pretty eventful weekend already planned. I am going cat fishing tonight tonight with Anthony, Travis and hopefully JK and Shalene, tomorrow we have Shalene's graduation party and Mom, Dad and I are going to a wedding for Dad's friend from works daughter and Sunday I have church and hopefully the weather is nice and I can go hangout with some long lost friends. So weekend please take your good ole time, please and thank-you!

Dear body,
I know it did it all wrong and just threw 3 miles at you right out of the gate and now you are punishing me for it but would you please go back to your normal self and tell legs and muscles that they really don't need to weigh 50 lbs a piece. It is really hard to function this way and getting my mile in this morning was quite the struggle but I showed you who is boss. We only have 13 more days til you get to relax on the beach so until then please just keep quiet and do what I ask. Thanks.

Dear Anthony,
I know I am super forgetful and would probably lose my head if it wasn't attached but thank you so much for getting my purse from Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt's and bringing it to me at work this morning. Also we both know that I cannot set a hook on a fish and you are so awesome by letting me reel in the fish you catch. Thanks so much baby!!

Dear MapMyRun and TempleRun apps,
you both are my new best friends. To all my running friends out there I totally recommend MapMyRun if you have an iphone. It is great for tracking how far you go and lets you know when you have reached certain distances and still allows you to play your music when you are running which is a major plus. Now for TempleRun I want to let you know that you are so addicting and I cannot put you down when I start playing you. Thanks for passing my time when I am waiting on Anthony to get off work.



  1. Haha I love that your beaux lets you reel in the fish he hooks. My dad does that for me when we go fishing. It's so much more fun to fish when all you have to do is reel in the fish :)

  2. mapmyrun is great! was introduced it to my husband back when we were dating. it is so great to plan out runs using it.


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