Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunday Maddy, Mom and I went to another bridal show. I must just get this much out to anyone that is getting married: 1. if you have been to one bridal expo you have been to them all. 2. unless you are looking for high end everything and don't care about shopping around or going local then don't spend a bunch of time going to bridal shows/expos 3. If you are on a wedding diet do not I repeat do attend! Reasoning: there are tons of cake vendors and they are handing out free samples of cake and who can turn up a good piece of wedding cake!! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of inside the expo and I didn't get a picture or Mom and I from the whole day. We went to BD's Mongolian BBQ after and luckily I snagged a picture of Maddy and I.

 Last night I finally got to go out and see Aubrey and Mr Luke! and it just so happened to be little man's 10 month bday. He is getting so big and is taking about 5 steps at time, actually he just started that yesterday too! It was the cutest thing because he is so careful and slow about how he does it and if there is any chance that there might be something to hold on to he is on it!
 Just a little self portrait at work. I got my hair cut two weeks ago and then colored it this weekend. I wasn't wanting to go this dark actually not dark at all. If you remember last week I was missing my blond hair. Well I decided to try to pinch some pennies and color it blonde well that didn't work, it was orange! ): So I went and got some medium brown from Sally's and colored it again. Needless to say it came out black because of the lighter hair that was underneath and I was not happy so I am thinking about giving my hair a color vacation and just seeing what happens. Maybe closer to summer I will get some heavy highlights of blonde and see how that looks.

Yesterday I came across this thing called Project Life by Becky Higgins and I am thinking about trying it. It is basically a more simplified and organized style of scrapbooking. The words simple and organized are not words that describe my style of scrapbooking. For one I have a whole entire room in our house that is dedicated to my scrapping hobby and anything crafting and I have it packed full of scrapbooking stuff. I am dreading the day I have to pack all of it up to move to our own house. This Project Life is a binder with clear insert pages and a who box full of inserts for journaling on designing your different pages. The good thing is that everything has a place and it is all pretty reasonable. I am checking to see what it would entail to create my own version but it might be just as easy to just purchase all the materials and go from there. Has anyone else tried the Project Life? any ideas or suggestions on it?

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